Our mission is to match students to colleges and universities based on their academics, skills, and extracurricular activities; and to connect them with internship opportunities based on their majors and profiles. For most students, the journey to a successful future begins with a college education and our platform allows them to be matched to the college or university that caters to them holistically and prepares them for the professional market through internships.

How do
Students Benefit?

You can:

  • Build compelling profiles that can be viewed by academic recruiters, scouts and job recruiters
  • Create your portfolio; highlight your talents not just your academics
  • Be seen by colleges, irrespective of geographic location or market
  • Forge personal relationships with recruiters
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Recruitment the
Smart Way

We enable more interaction and communication to better select the students who will not just apply and enroll but matriculate.

For Colleges and Universities, ExtraED:

  • Extends your recruiting reach by providing access to a large global pool of college aspirants
  • Provides an alternative when the physical aspect of connecting with students is not available
  • Facilitates the review and recruitment of potential students in a vastly more efficient manner
  • Uses different search parameters to allow you to find the best possible applicants who will not just apply and enroll but matriculate
  • Allows for the interaction with students directly on the platform
  • Highlights and identifies potential athletes who could be trained to competitive levels

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For Companies

Identify and recruit the best students for internship opportunities

On ExtraED, companies can:

  • Post job opportunities
  • Search, filter and review candidates
  • Engage in direct messaging with student candidates


What Makes us

ExtraED is the dedicated platform that will allow students, admission recruiters, scouts and job recruiters, to discover, research and communicate with each other at a click of a button. We bring the college fair experience online.

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